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Car Hire

  • May I have my vehicle delivered to the airport or docks or my hotel in Jersey & may I leave it there after the hire?
    Yes only by by prior arrangement and for periods in excess of 48 hours. For cars being collected from the airport for example, we will have the vehicle in the airport car park awaiting your arrival. Our representative will meet you outside the main arrival hall. They will be wearing the Company name on their clothing and holding a board with all your details. Please remember to have your drivers licence as by law we are unable to hire out a vehicle without sight of it.  For cars being left at the airport for example – only available by previous arrangement – cars are left in Zone C  of the Airport Car Park. The car key and the ticket deposited with a parking fee contribution of £1 to be placed in the envelope provided and posted in our box in the Departure lounge, next to the coffee shop. The envelope has clear instructions written on it.
  • Can I call into your office to collect my vehicle?
    Yes of course!
  • What if I’m delayed and late arriving? 
    Please do not be concerned as we have a link via computer to all delayed arrivals and will be there to meet you regardless of delays.
    Very late evening delays, please leave your mobile phone switched on before departure and we will contact you.
  • What are your age restrictions?
    Over 26 years and under 80 years of age are the limits set by our Insurance Company (Over 80? Call the office for details).
  • Do I have to bring my drivers licence?
    YES it is a requirement of the law.
  • How long must I have held a full licence to rent?
    At least one full year.
  • Do I have to pay mileage extra?
    No there is no mileage charge
  • Can I take on of your vehicles off the island of Jersey?
    No! sorry.
  • Where can I buy the parking cards?
    From us in advance or during working hours also many places in Jersey.
  • Do you need to see my own car insurance?
    No. It will not cover a hired vehicle and our Insurance is Comprehensive.
  • CDW Excess, whats this?
    This is a variable amount dependent on the type of vehicle ordered. The Insurance cover is comprehensive subject to our Terms and Conditions of use. The Excess is an optional payment to cover the possibility of you having to pay for any damage. Where this is not paid in advance we will require either a cash deposit or CREDIT card guarantee. Please note a debit card may not be used to cover this.
  • What if I have my own insurance against loss of excess?
    If you are insured by a 3rd party provider against loss of excess we will require payment of any damage from you before leaving Jersey. We will then supply you with an invoice for you to reclaim the amount from your providers.
  • What is GST? 
    Goods and Sales Tax.
  • Can I have extra drivers? 
    Yes, we charge £5 per contract per person for additional drivers.
  • What if I have my own CDW insurance cover? 
    Understood and accepted but we will charge you for any damage and we will give you a copy invoice to help your claim.

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Bike Hire

  • May we take bikes off the island, to France or Guernsey for example?
    Yes at your own risk by prior arrangement and with a letter of authority from us for which there is no extra charge.
  • Do you have electric bikes?
    Yes, Raleigh Motus.
  • Does my hotel allow me to keep my bike overnight?
    All Jersey hotels and guest houses will be pleased to direct you to a safe place to lock your bikes overnight.
  • I have entered a cycle race/challenge, can I use one of your bikes to participate?
    Sorry we are unable to supply cycles for these type of events.
  • Do I have to wear a cycle helmet?
    No for adults (over 18 years). However, all children and young adults MUST wear a cycle helmet at all times.
  • What is GST?
    Goods and Sales Tax.
  • I am not very fit, will cycling be a problem for me?
    Jersey is not very hilly, the highest point is only 150m above sea level. Pace yourself and walk uphill if you think it is best. It is always important to consult your Doctor before starting any new form of exercise or change to lifestyle.

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